Next Generation ELISA for Highly Accurate and Reproducible Protein Quantification

The PIXI platform utilizes a proprietary microfluidic gel technology enabling dynamic protein measurement with in a significantly shorter turnaround time than traditional ELISA. Our system provides confidence in results while conserving precious samples, enabling greater scientific discovery and advancement of the proteomics field.


The PIXI system supports several key application areas with off-the-shelf assay solutions but can also support your specific research areas through our custom services.

Biopharmaceutical Analysis

Cell and Gene Therapy
Synthetic Biology
Learn how easy it is to incorporate the PIXI system into your existing laboratory automation platforms and preserve not only your precious samples but your benchtop space and budget.

Key Benefits

Fully Automated

Hands-free implementation for highly reproducible results (10% CV)

Ultra-Low Sample Input

Requires as little as 1 uL volume to preserve your precious biosamples

Broad Dynamic Range

6-log dynamic range enables both high and low concentration samples to be measured across a single dilution factor

Rapid Turnaround

From sample-to-data in 60 minutes


Measure 32 to 96 samples at a time within a single cartridge

High Sensitivity

Down to pg/mL levels of detection to support scientific discovery

The PIXI Platform

Designed in collaboration with five of the world’s top 10 pharma companies
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Learn what the PIXI platform and assays can do for your protein quantification

Conference Poster

Measuring plasma IgG in a PK study using the PIXI platform.

PEGS 2022. Tia, Samel et al.

White Paper

Performance of the PIXI platform versus traditional ELISA in measuring human IgG1 antibody

Araz, M Kursad; Apori, Akwasi A; Salisbury, Cleo M; Herr, Amy E