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World Vaccine Congress

April 1-4, 2024

Washington DC

Meet top scientists, manufacturers, clinicians and government bodies in leading-edge discussions around vaccine development and commercialization. Learn from our very own CEO Akwasi Apori, PhD on how the PIXI can accelerate your drug discovery programs. 



New Kits Available: IFN-gamma and VHH nanobodies

March 20, 2024

PIXI evaluations now available in Europe!

March 15, 2024


PBBS Symposium

Innovative Life Science Technologies in the Drug Development Toolbox

April 12, 2024

Speaker: Sam Tia

Title: Evaluation of the PIXI™ Automated Platform for Rapid, Micro-volume PK Measurements


World Vaccine Congress

April 1-4, 2024

Washington DC

Booth 242

Speaker: Akwasi Apori, PhD CEO

Details: April 3rd, 1:55pm in Keynote Theatre, Startup Pitch Session

Title: Correlia Biosystems introduces the PIXI microfluidic platform to run ultra-efficient, rapid, and automated ELISA and immunoassays

PBBS Workshop

Antibody-Drug Conjugates from Discovery to Development: Chemistry, Engineering, Characterization, CMC, PK/Tox, Clinical design and Intellecual Property

March 28, 2024

8:45 am – 5:30 pm PT

Foster City, CA