PIXI Immunoassay Platform


Plate-based immunoassays are the workhorse of protein quantification, but these decades-old methods require tedious manual intervention, have limited dynamic range, require relatively large (50-100 μL) sample volume, and have long assay times.

The PIXI system consists of an assay cartridge and a corresponding module that sits on the deck of an automated liquid handler. Each assay kit includes the necessary reagents and a single 96-test cartridge. PIXI cartridges contain a proprietary nanoporous polymer, which accelerates the molecular interactions required to capture protein targets. After 30 min, users transfer the PIXI cartridge to your own imager to complete the readout. With a 6-log dynamic range and only 1 ul of sample volume required, this automated platform is a game-changer for your laboratory workflow.

Product Workflow

The Definition of Plug and Play

Acheive data in as little as 30min with less than 2 min of hands on time

Setup PIXI module onto liquid handler deck alongside sample plate

 Load cartridge into PIXI and press GO to run automated ELISA

Transfer cartridge onto plate imager and read fluorescence output

Analyze ELISA results using integrated PIXI software

key features






Detection method

Fluorescence (640nm – 670nm)


32, 64 or 96 samples at a time
Multiplex capability

Single target

Turnaround time
(from sample loading to analyzed data)
75 min for 96 samples (max. throughput)
30 min for 32 samples (min. throughput)



Ondeck Module

WDH: 12.8 cm x 33 cm x 7.3 cm, (5 in x 13 in x 3 in)

Waste Module

WDH: 16.5 cm x 38 cm x 20.5 cm, (6.5 in x 15 in x 8 in)


Ondeck Module

2.8 kg (6.25 lb)

Waste Module

7.5 kg (16.5 lb)


100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA

Compatible liquid handlers

The PIXI is compatible with most liquid handling robots working with 96 or 384 well plates. Ask Correlia about integrating with your specific liquid handler.

Imager compatibility

PIXI cartridges are currently compatible with many fluorescent cell imaging systems including the Biotek/Agilent Lionheart and Cytation line. Ask Correlia about your specific imager for more details.



10% CV from run-to-run


10% CV within a run

Dynamic log range

Up to 5 orders of magnitude


~10 pg/mL for cytokines, 10 ng/mL for IgGs



Pre-tested and ready-to-use without manipulation. Quality reagents, reproducible and robust results.


Develop your own assay. PIXI cartridges can be loaded with your unique targets of interests.

Application Note

Measuring anti-PD-1 in immune checkpoint mouse model stimulation using custom PIXI assay

We are continuing to expand our inventory of off-the-shelf assays. Connect with us to learn about assays in development and how our team of experts can help you develop a solution tailored to your specific research needs

Human IgG Immunoassay Kit

Catalog No: 


Quantify human IgG in up to 96 samples. Kit includes a PIXI cartridge precoated with
anti-human IgG F(ab’)₂ fragments as well as all necessary reagents, buffers and consumables

Human IL1-Beta Immunoassay Kit

Catalog No: 


Quantify human IL-1 beta in up to 96 samples. Kit includes a PIXI cartridge precoated with
anti-human IL-1 beta antibody as well as all necessary reagents, buffers and consumables.

Customizable Ligand Binding Assay Kit

Catalog No: 


Open PIXI cartridge containing 96 wells coated with streptavidin-polymer available for customization with specific capture ligands for target analytes of choice.


The PIXI System Software provides an intuitive user interface to set up your experiment and analyze results. 

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Accelerate your research with fully automated protein quantification on the PIXI platform