PIXI Immunoassay Platform

High quality ELISA data when every drop counts
The PIXI system consists of an assay cartridge and a corresponding module that sits on the deck of a liquid handling robot. Each assay kit includes the necessary reagents and a single 96-test cartridge. PIXI cartridges contain a nanoporous polymer, which accelerates the molecular interactions required to capture protein targets. At completion, users image the PIXI cartridge using their own imager to complete the readout.

Product Workflow

The PIXI system is an automated “sample-in, data-out” quantitative immunoassay platform that integrates liquid handling, sample preparation and analysis. With only 1-2µL of sample input, the PIXI platform can deliver replicate data points with up to 6-log dynamic range.

How It Works

The PIXI cartridge combines a nanoporous capture substrate with electrically-driven mass transport to eliminate the slow diffusive steps which limit the efficiency of traditional immunoassays. A typical 1-4 hour sample incubation step on an ELISA only requires 2-4 minutes on the PIXI platform.


Our core technology has been supported by grant funding from the NIH/NSF and validated through collaborations with scientists from some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We are developing protein measurement panels for 5 of the Top 10 biopharmas. You can reach out to us for your assay needs at: