Accelerated Molecular Interactions

Correlia’s immunoassay tools use proprietary gel technology to accelerates the molecular interactions are fundamental to measuring proteins.


Data from as little as 1 uL of starting sample volume

Broad Dynamic Range

5 orders of magnitude


Simple “walk-away, sample in/data out” operation, with minimal user intervention


Assays complete as fast as 15 minutes

How It Works

The PIXI cartridge combines a nanoporous capture substrate with electrically-driven mass transport to eliminate the slow diffusive steps which limit the efficiency of traditional immunoassays. A typical 1-4 hour sample incubation step on an ELISA only requires 2-4 minutes on the PIXI platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The PIXI Early Access Customer program launched in 2023, and the system is now commercially available. Contact us for details!
Cytokine panels & PK/PD assays, with other targets coming soon.
We are placing a limited number of PIXI instruments on-site with early access customers. We also provide some custom biosample testing services. We are taking pre-orders via website. Click here to Pre-Order